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Dr. Comfort Women's Flex-OA Shoes  

Product Description

Modern footwear is not always designed with the natural grace and movement inherent in our walking. Dr. Comfort Women's Flex-OA shoes have been developed in conjunction with rheumatology experts to provide enhanced support and flexing movement to reduce joint pain.

Today's active individuals are seeking a way to reduce the effects of osteoarthritis and move freely. These shoes are tried and tested to reduce pain and wear by up to 20%.

Come in and try Flex-OA footwear today!


Dr. Comfort Women's Flex-OA Shoe Specifications

Dr. Comfort Women's Flex-OA Shoes - Amy

  • Widths - Medium/Wide/Extra-Wide

  • Sizes 5-11

  • Available in shoe or sneaker design

  • 2 color choices for each design style

What is X-Sole?
Flex-OA Shoe Bottom View
  • X-Sole relief technology provides support for natural motion with specially designed Flexure Zones that facilitate natural, barefoot-like movement.

Dr. Comfort Women's Flex-OA Shoes - Amy

Reduce knee related pain in comfort and style
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