Bath Safety and Fall Prevention


There is nothing more important than slip and fall prevention when providing for the elderly. According to the CDC, the average cost for health care as a result of falls totals $19,440, and that doesn’t even include doctors’ fees. It is important to know that most falls occur in the bathroom and the kitchen areas of the home. Home modifications in these rooms may help to reduce the risk of accidents through the use of fall prevention devices.

There are a few different devices that can be installed in the bathroom to enhance fall prevention. Shower grab bars provide grab bars in and around the shower or bathtub as well as near the toilet. The raised toilet seat is a great device used to make getting on and off the toilet much easier. Non-skid mats are useful to put in front of and in the tub and shower area to avoid slips and falls.

There are also things such as shower benches and chairs that allow those who have difficulty standing for longer periods of time to sit while in the shower. Shower chairs and benches come with or without backs, depending on the support needed. They are lightweight so they can be moved whenever necessary and are made from special plastic for water and rust proofing purposes.

Fall Prevention Aids

  • Bath Seats and Benches
  • Bathtub Grab Bars
  • Toilet Safety Rails
  • Slip-Resistant Mats
  • Bed and Chair Alarms
  • Gait Belts
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