Daily Living Aids


Daily living aids help patients’ complete tasks that they would otherwise not be able to do anymore. There are many different types of daily living aids such as grippers, reachers, dressing aids, eating utensils, kitchen aids, recreational aids and more. Daily living aids are used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Many living aids are used in group homes, long term institutions and residential homes. Usually elderly or disabled persons have a greater need for daily living aids and find that they are more capable of taking care of themselves in using these products.

Daily living aids are also known as assistive technology. Assistive technology is any device, system or design that has been modified or customized that allows an individual to perform a task they wouldn’t normally be able to do. Assistive technology is also used to increase the ease and the safety with which the task can be performed. Daily living aids can assist people with getting dressed, anyone who is hearing or seeing impaired or those who are simply not strong enough to complete everyday tasks.

Reachers are a common daily living aid used to reach and grab things for those who aren’t mobile enough to get up and grab them on their own. They give the patient a little more independence without having to ask for help. Things like shoe horns and long reach hair brushes and combs are made to assist those who can’t normally reach to complete the task on their own. Also, specially designed eating utensils are great tools for patients who have trouble feeding themselves.

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